The two main characters in Dinosaurs@Dusk are Lucy and her dad. The storyline develops during Lucy's dream in which she is transported back in time to the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous period.

Lucy experiences an epic traveling adventure with her dad and encounters many dinosaurs which all reveal some hints about the origins of flight on our Earth.


Anne Rats

Lucy is a likable girl in her late teen years who once in a while still needs some guidance in life even though she is convinced she can do it all by herself.

She has an interest in feathered dinosaurs and might want to study paleontology but she hasn't quite made up her mind yet about her definite plan in life.

Lucy took flying lessons from her dad and makes her first solo flight in the beginning of the film in an ultra light aircraft. This is obviously not her first choice but she is doing it more to please her dad. She does not always follow his experienced advises, which puts her in dire straits and at some point nearly kills her.

Lucy acts most of the time as grown up but still has some rebellious teenager characteristics, however during the story she slowly becomes a bit more responsible. She makes her own choices and develops more of an interest in other things around her beyond her own interest. Her flying skills improve and she becomes more passionate about it like her dad but Lucy never looses her own identity.

Towards the end of the film Lucy even outsmarts her dad and leans towards pursuing her interest in science further.


Rick Verstraten

Dad is a science teacher and an amateur astronomer. His ambition is to one day be the first to discover an asteroid never detected by anyone else before.

He gets that chance in Lucy's dream with the ultimate asteroid, the one that wiped out the dinosaurs.

He has a love for anything that has to do with flying regardless whether they are birds, pterosaurs or planes. He also has taught his daughter Lucy to fly.

Dad is overenthusiastic about science and talks about it most of the time, which is not always appreciated by Lucy. He appreciates rules & regulations and has a difficult time accepting that his daughter is more relaxed about things and taking her own decisions that might differ from his own.

Towards the end of the film dad becomes a bit less strict himself (he dives with a plane into meteor crater in Arizona pretending to be an asteroid). He slowly accepts Lucy that is capable of making her own choices and is happily surprised about her spontaneous scientific thoughts.

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